Childhood Cancer Awareness

Competing For Hope participates in competitive events to raise awareness for childhood cancer. We also support general awareness-raising efforts by other organizations.

Awareness of childhood cancer and its impacts on children and families is seriously lacking. Not only does this make fighter families feel like they're ignored, it costs precious research dollars that could be used to find better treatment options and cures. 

Although childhood cancers make up a small percentage of all cancers diagnosed, pediatric cancer is: :

  • The most fatal disease for children
  • The number 2 killer of children (after accidents) overall.

Over 15,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer and nearly 1,800 children die in the US in 2017.

Individual Awareness

Raising awareness for specific children impacted by cancer is how we started. Its one of the main activities performed by Competing For Hope. The primary goals of competing for a child are to:

  • Let the world know about a child's unique struggle
  • To put a face to childhood cancer

We have heard from impacted families, again and again, how they were not aware of the issue of childhood cancer until their child was diagnosed. Its not their fault. There is still a great need to inform people of the reality and seriousness of childhood cancer.

When we compete for a specific child, it's not only their fight that's highlighted, but a unique face and name are attached to childhood cancer. It's no longer just the face of an anonymous child that will disappear from a TV screen in 30 seconds. Its a real child, with a real story, real dreams and real concerns. It shows that childhood cancer is real, not rare.